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Been hankering for one of the new Instax Mini 90 Instant cams? Reblog this post and we’ll drop the price by 5¢ for every reblog!

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Come on, people!


Any photographer who still shoots film today knows all too well the meaning of the phrase “slim pickings,” whether it be in regards to film, developing labs, chemistry, darkroom equipment and even cameras. Sure, we all rely on a stock pile of vintage cameras that the majority of the world doesn’t…


ENFOJER Is a Portable Smartphone Photo Enlarger

A new and rather interesting campaign has started on Indigogo. Its called ENFOJERand it enables a…

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Shut up and take my money!

This is the perfect enlarger set-up for someone like me who doesn’t have space for a traditional darkroom.

They’re saying that they are also working on a way to adapt traditional m39 enlarger lenses on the Enfojer. I do hope they succeed on it because I believe that it can make lots of meticulous film photographers give the enlarger a shot.

The plastic lens would be suitable for noisy digital photos while a proper glass lens is ideal for film negatives.

I’ve never had a chance to do my own darkroom printing so this is really getting me giddy with anticipation.

Note: This is the first—and maybe the only time—I’m going to post something that’s not related to photography.

If you’ve never experienced multiple heartbreaks…

If you’ve never had it tough…

If you’ve never rooted for the underdog…

If you’ve never been passionate about something…

If you’ve never lived in a nation that has been plagued by oppression and corruption, both from the outside and from its own citizenry…

If you’ve never went through adversity, you will never ever understand what this means to us.

One of the European commentators for the international coverage of the FIBA-Asia seminal match couldn’t have said it any better.

"This is what this country needed. This is what this tournament needed."

Last night, the Philippines finally won an elimination game over Korea, their tormentors for close to three decades now, to book a Finals seat against juggernaut Iran and ultimately a slot in the upcoming FIBA World Championships in Spain.

Against all odds. Despite their star naturalized center going out with an injury. Despite being severely undersized. Despite Korean Mingoo Kim shooting the lights out (27 points on 60% shooting including 5/11 from deep) and threatening to stick another dagger of a loss to the hearts of all Filipino hopefuls.

The Philippines, a third-world country lacking in height but not in will, is incomprehensively passionate about basketball. And by the love of the sport and in front of every teary-eyed Filipino all over, we’re back in the world stage.

I am Rem and I bleed film FILIPINO.

A couple of postcards sent in! Yay!

Left’s a personal-print-turned-postcard by @jonnyenzyme of Australia and right’s a Gary Winogrand postcard from @ivanka-photoetique who recently flew in from the US.


I’ll be sure to return the favor once I get to travel again. Thanks!


Clyde Butcher in the Darkroom: Florida-based large format landscape photographer Clyde Butcher shares his love of film and his darkroom printing process.

Clyde Butcher is an American landscape photographer, working entirely in black and white large format film. If you are not familiar with his work, the stunning tonal range and sharpness of his prints will probably make you want to go out and by an 8x10 field camera immediately. Personally, I fell in love with Butcher’s work at a very young age, when I purchased his book Seeing the Light in 1995. It still sits prominently on my bookshelf next to Man Ray and Diane Arbus.

With a background in color photography for clients such as Sears and Wards, Butcher moved to Florida in the 80s. After the tragic death of his son in a 1986 car crash with drunk driver, he retreated to the wilderness to find solace and dedicated himself to working entirely in black and white. This is perhaps a big part of why his landscape work is so emotive and thoughtful.

In the past couple of years, whenever we talk about the “necessity” of using film, it’s usually in reference to large format landscape photography. While digital has caught up in terms of quality and certainly outweighs in convenience, it just doesn’t compare to large format film. Perhaps it never will, considering sheet film can be cut to virtually any custom size.

For more amazing videos of Clyde trudging through Cypress swamps with an obscenely large camera and tripod, check out his YouTube Channel. More information on his work and process can be found on his website.

(via japancamerahunter)


Wedding Photography with Film

(when photographers wed by cmvoelkel http://flic.kr/p/axheuZ)


Out in the wild: Leicas, a Crown Graphic, another large format camera and a large-ass Swiss Knife!

Found these on a photography store along Session Road, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines.

I asked the security guard if any of them are up for sale and he said no.

Cameras for display purposes. Breaks my heart.

On a side note, I’m really enjoying the Olympus XA4. Might write a review once the photos get developed (meaning: in a few months or so).

Those cameras, even if they have film in there or not, those are the eyes of the world and there are no cowards in front of a camera.
General Holland McTyeire “Howlin’ Mad” Smith (as quoted by World War II cameraman Richard Brooks)

Here’s how a film photography junkie packs for a mere 2-day stay at Baguio City (well, at least, this is how I do it).

imageEverything’s nicely cramped into a Domke F-1X shoulder bag with a black National Geographic pad for the shoulder strap. This will also serve as my carry-around bag.

imageDomke logo on each of the side pocket flaps.

imageUnderwear (yes, underwear!) inside the left side pocket.

imageFilm in the right side pocket.

imageA medium sized umbrella in the back pocket. It’s going to be raining hard over the weekend.

imageHandheld light meter, extra battery and lens brush all go into the left front pocket.

imageMore film inside the right front pocket. You can never have enough, can you?

imageEssentials for personal hygiene snuck away inside the zipper compartment of the bag’s main cover flap.

imageThe main cover flap has netted pockets where the lens blower and my Samsung tablet’s charger fit snuggly.

imageShirts and handkerchiefs are placed in the leftmost section of the main compartment.

imageHidden along the clothes compartment wall is the Samsung tablet.

imageNext to the clothes section is a padded insert which houses an Olympus XA4…

image…and a Yashica Electro 35 CCN.

imageNext to the padded insert is a section that contains the Contax IIa with a Voigtlander SC-Skopar 25mm 1:4.0 lens and a 25mm Voigtlander viewfinder.

imageThe Contax IIa sits on top of the Yashica T2.

imageAnother padded insert completes the 4-section set-up of the bag’s main compartment. Inside it is a Yashica Mat-124 which my girlfriend will be using.

imageMy cheapo cellhone, wallet and keys will all go into the pockets of my jeans.

It’ll be at least a 6-hour trip and I’ll be leaving in a couple of hours. @Kaththecrapout and @MarianoJuancho have already arrived there and they’ve told me that the place is freezing. A hoodie jacket and a cap are must-bring items then.

Here’s to having a great film photography weekend!